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About The Land

Bir Tawil is a 2059 km² (795 mi²) piece of the Sahara Desert between Egypt and Sudan that is unclaimed by either nation.

Why unclaimed?

Egypt and Sudan were colonies of the British Empire and were divided by the 22nd parallel of Latitude. Later on the British decided to give Sudan the Hala'ib Triangle and Egypt Bir Tawil. When the nations gained independence Sudan wanted to keep the current borders while Egypt wanted the 22nd of Latitude border. This area remains a border dispute where both nations do not claim Bir Tawil.


21.8865° N, 33.6780° E Google Maps
  • Water

    Since Bir Tawil is a part of the Sahara Desert some may ask how we will get water. It is said that the land of Bir Tawil sits on top of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System. The plan is to dig wells for water.

  • Energy

    When there is a settlement big enough a solar panel farm will be built for power and can be used to export to other nations.

  • Infrastructure

    The starter plan is to build a small settlement to set up a permanent population and a government.